Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awesome Week - Day 3: Laughing until you Cry

In first grade me and the rest of the St. John's boys around the table were sent to the principal's office for laughing too hard at lunch time.  When the principal asked us what was so funny, we told her the truth.  Poop.  We were laughing about poop.  She tried not to smile, but she did.

In high school I knew I found a good friend when were making fun about a favorite coach's nuances that we laughed so hard we cried.  16 years later he and a couple of our close friends still meet regularly and play the board game, "Loaded Questions" a game in which has never failed to induce tears of laughter to all those involved.  I highly recommend playing with those who don't have a "censor" button in their brains, and it's helpful to wear name brand adult diapers.

Laughing so hard that you cry creates a chain reaction of belly laughs, a contagious pee your pants phenomenon that reduces even the most stoic to laugh uncontrollably because it's too damn funny!  It unites us, brings us closer together, and creates a bond not easily broken.  It's a therapy that every doctor should prescribe.

So laugh loud and proud - it's best in a crowd, and be sure to wear protective underwear!


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