Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome Week - Day 2: April

In Minnesota the weather starts to turn bitterly cold in November but we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, then we gather around the table once again for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  A few days after Christmas we enjoy New Year's Eve festivities.  Many of us are very hopeful that it snows this time of year - we've even written songs like, "Let it Snow".

The Monday following the holidays we have 90 days of long nights, snow, and cold until Spring arrives - we trudge through the dog days of winter with only a few minor holidays to get excited about.  Sure St. Patrick's day and Valentines day are fun, but they are not celebrated like the December holidays. 

Then the gift of April arrives - a gift that nobody except us in Minnesota and the upper Mid-west truly appreciate.  Who else gets excited about April's 50 degree temperatures, warm sunshine, thunderstorms, and robins?!  Nobody from California that's for sure!  Without the long winter April is meaningless.

Nobody knows better than us that every winter has its spring - it's a reason why April is:

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