Thursday, September 8, 2011

High Wire Act

In 1974 a man named Philippe Petit wanted to walk on a high wire 1,350 feet in the air between the World Trade Center Towers.  This illegal remarkable feat would take years of preparation, exuberant expenses, and a willingness to accept potential high risk collapse.   At best, failure would mean wasted time and effort, at worst, failure would mean death and heartache.

For Philippe, there was no choice.  Despite the danger, despite the high cost of failure, the Twin Towers called for him.  This was why he was born.  Every fiber in his being begged for him to walk on a wire.  He was going to risk everything.

After years of wire walking training, years of planning, and several lucky breaks, the moment finally came for Philippe to live out his dream.  He approached the wire, and with one foot anchored on the wire, and with one foot anchored to the building, Philippe had a decision to make,

"Do I shift my weight from the building and onto the wire?  This is something that probably is the end of my life if I step on that wire.  But something that I could not resist, and I did not make any attempt to resist, called me onto that cable.  And death is very close."

He performed for nearly an hour.  Lying down on the cable, kneeling on the cable, and dancing. 

Want to know the whole story.  Watch the movie: Man on Wire.