Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Factory society

Typical formula for success in America:

1) Listen to what your teachers say - follow instructions
2) Get good grades, graduate from high school
3) Go to college - listen to your professors
4) Declare a major that will determine your career path
5) Take out major school loans to pay for college
6) Graduate from college with major debt
7) Get a job, marry a trophy wife, buy a house, a new car, and have children.
8) Work hard for somebody else so that you can pay your bills.  Repeat day after day.

Do you know anyone who has followed these 8 steps?  If you know me, then you do.  Am I leading a successful life?  I'm not sure. (Although I Totally lucked out on #7)

I kinda feel like a product out of a factory.  A factory who's product is starting to become obsolete.  Hidden somewhere, deep down I hear a voice calling for me to do more.  It's a tiny voice.   Questions arise:

Should I listen the voice or stay on the same path?
What exactly am I being called to do?
Am I happy with the way things are going?
What if I change... and the change is awesome?
What if I try something different and fail? 
Could I recover?
What if I do nothing?

Am I alone, or do you too have an inner yearning, a belief that you are called to do more.  Have you acted on those gut feelings?  Is the voice getting louder?

I think the trick is to listen to that voice... and then start small.  Baby steps.  Gradually grow until you know its possible - then you go for mastery.  But the important thing is action.  If you fail, you learn.  If you learn, you can do it better next time.

Anyone want to join me?  I have a feeling this factory system won't cut it much longer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The problem with blogs

Is it me, or is there some sort of negative vibe that comes with writing a blog?  I kinda sense it.  Is this why more people don't write a blog?  That's too bad, because I tell you what, we all have survival stories and uplifting news that many people would benefit from and want to hear about.

Here is a few stories that some of you could provide that would generate interest:
The story about how you met your D. A. (Domestic Associate) aka your spouse.
The story of what got you through a tough loss of either a friend or family member.
The lessons learned from your terrible or great boss.
The many stories of what it's like to be a stay at home mom.
If you are in a job you love, what steps did you take to get that job?
In order to succeed in anything we all have sacrificed something - What price did you have to pay and how did you do it?

Maybe why more people don't write a blog is because we create excuses like:

"I'm not good enough"
"People will laugh at me"
"I'm too busy"
"I don't write well"
"People don't care about me"
"My mother didn't breast feed me as a child"

We come up with so many excuses that we become paralyzed.  Then we don't do the work.  Don't listen to the excuses in your brain!  I have news for you people - you have stories that should be shared, you have the ability to do great work and the simple act of deciding to write about it, will separate you from others and may even lead to new opportunities for you.  If anything else - blogging is a neat way to connect with others.

Have a blog you want to share?  List it in the comments section - I promise to read it and share with others if you like.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Refrigerator Rights

Open up that icebox and find yourself surprised to find all the necessary ingredients for the perfect sandwich.  Thick slices of meat from the butcher, garden fresh tomato, cheese, lettuce, mayo, and right in the middle, my personal favorite, one egg over easy with the yolk all smothered everywhere between two pieces of sturdy Texas toast.  Get your sandwich on long, get your sandwich on strong!

You're in sandwich heaven, baby.

The question is, when a friend comes over, do they have refrigerator rights in your house?  Is your relationship close enough that they can come into your house - prop open that fridge door and help themselves to your sandwich fixins?  How about your kid's friends?

What if you only have one cup of chocolate Jello Pudding left!?  Do you still give your friend refrigerator rights?

We were not meant to be alone, we all need someone to love and for someone to love us back.  I am not an outgoing person, and have only a few close friends.  But I wish I had more close friends.  Friends that can come over any time and feel comfortable enough to help themselves to whatever I have.  There is one friend in particular that has invited me to their house several times- I've been there once.  I need to change that.  Maybe someday I'll have refrigerator rights there (not for the food, but for the friendship). Yes we're busy.  But hey, all you need is love and a good sandwich!

Can you do me a favor?  Send a friend or two a link to my blog and tell them they have refrigerator rights in your house.   Thanks!  www.justgettingwarmedup.blogspot.com