Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Refrigerator Rights

Open up that icebox and find yourself surprised to find all the necessary ingredients for the perfect sandwich.  Thick slices of meat from the butcher, garden fresh tomato, cheese, lettuce, mayo, and right in the middle, my personal favorite, one egg over easy with the yolk all smothered everywhere between two pieces of sturdy Texas toast.  Get your sandwich on long, get your sandwich on strong!

You're in sandwich heaven, baby.

The question is, when a friend comes over, do they have refrigerator rights in your house?  Is your relationship close enough that they can come into your house - prop open that fridge door and help themselves to your sandwich fixins?  How about your kid's friends?

What if you only have one cup of chocolate Jello Pudding left!?  Do you still give your friend refrigerator rights?

We were not meant to be alone, we all need someone to love and for someone to love us back.  I am not an outgoing person, and have only a few close friends.  But I wish I had more close friends.  Friends that can come over any time and feel comfortable enough to help themselves to whatever I have.  There is one friend in particular that has invited me to their house several times- I've been there once.  I need to change that.  Maybe someday I'll have refrigerator rights there (not for the food, but for the friendship). Yes we're busy.  But hey, all you need is love and a good sandwich!

Can you do me a favor?  Send a friend or two a link to my blog and tell them they have refrigerator rights in your house.   Thanks!  www.justgettingwarmedup.blogspot.com


  1. You're welcome to my fridge anytime, Nate! I hope I do a better job with what I offer in my friendships than what I offer in fridge, tho'. :) I have a couple ppl whose status reports I have hidden because there was never anything profitable in them. Yes, I feel bad that their lives are not what they wish they were, but complaining on a public forum such as facebook is not going to improve things. I do what I can to limit the amount of negativity I'm exposed to when I have the power to. (BTW--would love to have your family over again sometime)
    Please post to your blog more often--the way you see life and share it with others is wonderful. :)

  2. Hi Erica!

    Thanks for the message and the invite. You guys are actually the friends that I talked about and although the stuff in your fridge is awesome, your friendship is even better.

    Would love to get back on your farm and catch up! I'll send you a message via the facebook.

  3. Nate,

    Count my frig in to those open for your visit. Anytime. Or maybe a morning run. Drop me a line and we can connect.

    Take care sir,

  4. Joel,

    I'm running with the Le Sueur Cross Country team tomorrow morning at 8:00. We're going for a one hour run. Wanna go? We run in the river bluffs in Henderson at the Ney Center.