Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Law of attraction

I read a facebook status update today from an old high school friend and it reminded me about a funny, although thought provoking routine from best selling author and speaker Andy Andrews:

Do you have someone in your life, either at work or in your family that you never dare ask the question, "So how are you doing?" Because you know, the answer will take 10 minutes and go something like,  "Well, you wouldn't believe it, it's just one thing after another, I mean after last year, and this year it's been no different - It seems like every time things start to turn around, a big semi-load back ups and dumps their crap all over us again.  I don't know what it is, but our lives keep getting worse and worse."  

Do you know someone like that?

How do you respond to that?  "Great!  Let's spend the weekend together!"  No, if you're like me you say, "Well, we'll be thinking about you.  See you later!"

You know what I think about these people - the whiny, groaning, complaining people who think their lives are getting worse and worse?  Their lives really ARE getting worse and worse.  My high school facebook friend, all they ever write for their facebook status... is how bad their life stinks. 

And here's one reason why things keep getting worse for them.

Nobody wants to be around them.  We get our information and our opportunities from the people around us - and if nobody wants to be around us, guess what?  Yup, you guessed it.  Less opportunities and less useful information.

Subconsciously, when I coached basketball I was drawn to the athletes that wanted to get better, that hustled and had a good attitude.  I find that to be true today as I run with the high school cross country team - the kids that pay attention and have that drive to improve seem to draw the coaches in. 

In 1996, I remember the press conference that was held to announce Kirby Puckett's retirement, at that time Kirby Puckett was Minnesota's favorite athlete.  Tom Kelly recalled how lucky he was to have the hardest working athlete on his Twins team also be the most talented.   He was Tom Kelly's favorite.  Kirby wasn't perfect, but there is no doubt in my mind that his character and charisma helped advance his career.

Just like in sports, the people that go after big goals in life seem to attract people.  They draw us in, and what makes this even more interesting, I believe we are drawn to people who have overcome obstacles to obtain their goals.  Because haven't we all had setbacks?  They give us hope that we ourselves can accomplish the goals that are sometimes buried deep within us.

Dig up those goals deep inside, you never know who you'll attract in your life.

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