Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awesome Week - Day 5: Going Home

When you've been away, there's nothing like going back home.  When you were away at camp as a kid, or when you were a freshman at college getting ready to come back home for the holidays - It felt good to finally sleep in your own bed, be around the ones you love, and be welcomed back with the comfort food mom makes.

We all long to go home.

When we are away from the place we love there is just something missing - we aren't quite comfortable, or we feel like we don't belong.  The comfort of home is our solace, our refuge.

Sometimes we may even feel out of place when we're at home.  I have a theory for why this is. 
I think we might feel this way because maybe we are away from someone who loves us.  Being away from that love, you feel kinda empty.

Maybe we long to go home to be with the one who loves us the most.  The one who is crazy about you, and would do anything for you.   

That's gonna be quite a day - when we jump into the arms of the one who loves us the most!
That day will be -

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