Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week of Awesome

Let's face it.  Life is funny.  One minute you're flying high like teenagers in love, and the next minute, you're being dumped.
Life will do that to you.  It's gonna be filled with moments that make your heart stop in good and bad ways.  You're gonna get hurt, someone you love is gonna get hurt, and life will deal you with some tough blows.  We can do one of two things:
  1. Fill ourselves up with gloom and mope around the world forever or,
  2. We can dare to be different and look at the world with a new perspective.
I don't think life has dealt me terribly difficult cards, but I have had bouts of depression, been rejected by people I loved, took chances that turned out badly, and have lost loved ones.

But I've been lucky, because I've learned through inspiring authors, friends, coaches, and family members a secret - a way to make my life better - and I hope you know what I'm talking about.

Yes awesome things make my life better, and if you notice them, maybe they'll do the same for you.

Whether its the off the wall comments your three year old son makes, or finally getting the free coffee on your frequent coffee card, these tiny things make a huge difference.

So next week will be my "AWESOME!" week.  Monday thru Friday we are going to do it Neil Pasricha style and blog each day about the awesome things in life.

To get an idea of what I'm gonna do go here.  Enjoy!

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