Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life's greatest hits

Sunday evening Winona and I went for a walk amongst the historic buildings of Jordan while the snow was falling.  As we held hands, the snow crunched under our feet and the orange glow from the city street lamps had a calming effect on us.  When we came back home, we kicked the snow off our boots, went inside, and started the nightly kid bedtime ritual. 

After sleepy little heads hit the pillow, I walk downstairs, turn on some Miles Davis, and slowly sip a cup of hot tea and watch the snow fall.  Completely.  Relaxed. 

My mind wandered to the past.

I thought about the night I laid back on the hood of my car, looked up to the night sky and saw shooting star after star flashing across the horizon. 

I thought about the evening mom and I walked beneath the northern lights.  We watched the shimmer in the north grow and gradually dance across the entire night sky. 

I thought about the vacation in Glacier National Park with my bride of two months.  We moved our sleeping bags outside, rolled them out under the stars, and with her head on my chest, and my eyes on the constellations, I tried to make time stand still.

Now as I finish my cup of tea, I realize tonight provided me another wonderful memory that I can add to the list when I'm thinking about life's greatest hits. 

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