Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What you should forget from high school

The teaching methods and education formula that high school students go through today were successful - back in 1950. They are not successful anymore. Here is a list of things that I hope you'll forget from your school experience.

What to forget
1) To Follow the crowd.
2) Do exactly what the teacher or future employer asks of you.
3) The more "stuff" you have the more successful you'll be.
4) The comments from friends, teachers, or even family members that you're not worth something or can't achieve something.

Instead try following this formula (From Seth Godin)
1. Go, make something happen.
2. Do work you're proud of.
3. Treat people with respect.
4. Make big promises and keep them.
5. Ship it out the door.

My Ideas
1. Turn your strengths and passions into money making endeavors.
2. Live as though your time left on this spinning rock is short.
3. In your place of employment, do more than what is expected of you.
4. Spend less than you earn and donate 10% of your earnings to your church or favorite charity.
5. Most importantly establish and build a personal relationship with J.C.

There are many more ideals to live by, but if you don't do anything please remember this: Your next step is always more important than your last!

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