Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Percent

"Did we improve by 1% today?" This was coach Rey's daily question to the St. Mary's basketball team. We were a bunch of young men, who were being mentored by one of the best motivators we had ever known.

Coach Rey knew that 1% improvement each day over time would bring dramatic results.

He was right. Our team led the conference in fewest points allowed, free throw percentage, and three point field goal percentage. We didn't have many wins to show for our effort, but...

That's not bad for a team with a roster of 6 with the tallest athlete being only 6'3" and possessed no vertical. (we had several athletes that became ineligible or injured)

My question to you today is: Are you improving? Can you handle 1% improvement each day? Just 1%! Anybody can do that! If you are reading this, your work in this world isn't finished. God still has plans for you. If you are looking for good information on how to improve, I have help for you. Check out my favorite blogs, all authored by people smarter than me, and use the 1% strategy. Reading these blogs WILL make you smarter. I guarantee it.

www.sethgodin.com - learn how to be indispensible and think not outside the box, but on the edge.

www.boxofcrayons.biz - learn how to do more great work, and less busywork.

http://www.danpink.com - Learn about motivation 2.0 and a whole new mind.

http://chrisguillebeau.com - The Art of Non Conformity

http://www.drzimmerman.com - Dr. Zimmerman's Tuesday tips are great!

http://blogs.hbr.org/goldsmith - by Marshall Goldsmith, Get your mojo on!

http://daveramsey.com - Find out how to achieve financial peace

http://1000awesomethings.com - Just plain fun.

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