Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Giving away $200.

I'm giving away $200.  But need help.   Read my following blog post today to see how. 

On Saturday nights I moonlight at the local golf course tending bar and waiting tables.  During the summer months the money can be quite good, but once the snow covers the ground and the golfers go south, the restaurant slows down.  Significantly.

In the summer I tithe 10% of my earnings without hesitation because I'm making more money and work a lot more weddings and events.  In the winter, when the heating and electric bills are higher, and when the golf course slows down, I don't tithe each week, and when I do tithe, my giving is way down.  However, last week I hesitantly decided to finally to put some money in the collection basket at church.  I told myself, that this isn't my money, but God's.  I said this, but still had trouble parting with the cash.

That Sunday evening I had pizza at my parent's place.  Davanni's deep dish pizza.  With the works.  Awesome!  After we filled our bellies with pizza pie, we started bundling up to go home.  As I'm walking out the door, my mother hands me a card and told me to open it up later.

We went home, kicked off our boots, hung up the parkas, and opened the card.  Inside was a cashiers check.  A very unexpected check.  It was an inheritance from the passing of my grandmother.  The money won't make much of a dent in our debt, but is a blessing because financially, February is the toughest month for our family of four.  It's the month with the highest heating bills, and it seems like all of the irregular bills tend to hit our mailbox.  Is the inheritance check a blessing because I committed to tithing that morning?  I'll let you decide.

A portion of that inheritance will go towards debt and bills, but I want to do something in memory of my Grandma with the money.  I want to give $200 away.  This is where I am asking for your help. 

Do you have a worthy cause that is close to your heart that could use an extra $200.  Do you know a person who is down on their luck and $200 would rock their world?  Do you have a creative idea on how the money could be used to help someone?

I'd like you to post your ideas on my blog or on my facebook wall.  I'll look at each post, each comment and award $200 to the best cause or idea.  A small committee (my wife, my mother, my dog, and me) will pick the winner.

I'll take your ideas until Friday, February 4th.  Then will announce the winner on this blog after the Superbowl, Sunday, Feb. 6th. 

Forward this post to anyone you can think of so we can get a good range of ideas.  Thanks for helping!

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  1. I should mention, that I plan on giving the winner the money to use for their idea.