Thursday, January 13, 2011

The cheesecake dude

Had coffee with one of my favorite people on Saturday - Dave Johnson the cheesecake dude.  To read how Dave and I met click here.

To say Dave is an interesting man, is like saying Michael Jordan was a good basketball player.  Total understatement.  Dave is by far, the most interesting person I've ever met, and for folks who have met my father, that's saying a lot!

Dave called a couple of weeks before the holidays to see if we could connect.  The reason being was he found an old broken chair next to a dumpster that was about to be tossed.  Upon closer inspection he realized the old chair was made of white oak.  He ended up saving the chair and refinishing it.  A process that took three months.  Knowing that I work for a school he thought the chair looked like an old teacher's chair and wanted to give the antique chair to me.

A pretty neat Christmas gift if you ask me.

The Saturday before Christmas Dave drove to Jordan with the antique chair (and a couple of mini cheesecakes).  When he rang the doorbell he looked into our sunroom and yelled, "I can't believe it!"  I opened the door to see Dave with a big smile on his face. 

"You're not gonna believe this," he said, "but the chair matches your antique rocking chair."  We quickly brought in the "new" beautifully refinished chair that Dave was giving to us and examined the two chairs.

Both chairs have the same rounded armrests, the same style backrest, and both were made with white oak.  Both chairs are have slight symmetrical differences in the armrests and the in spokes on the back rest, meaning that both chairs were not made in a factory, but by hand.  I can only guess that a carpenter or a small furniture store made the chair.

To make the story a little more unique, is that the rocking chair was my great aunt Lou's.  Easily a 100 year old rocking chair.  It was given to me a few years ago when she passed. 

You tell me, what are the chances that I meet I guy like Dave, become friends with him, he finds a decrepid old chair, gives it to me and just happens to be a match to another antique chair that was given to me by family? 

Amazing.  Can't wait to hang out with Dave this weekend.  Who knows what will happen next?

Want to see what the chairs look like?  Check out a few pictures below.

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