Monday, March 1, 2010

I don't need help.

I feel greatness calling me every day, instead of exploring what that greatness is, I waste time on facebook, email, and reading the latest in sports.

I don't focus on what my greatness might look like. I don't spend time examining that gut feeling, what the possibilities may be, instead I stay comfortable in the rut I've created.

At Thursday morning prayer group, I prayed for God's purpose for my life. One of the prayer group members said, "Just ask God, he will tell you. But you have to believe in him." I believe, I just need to ask.

My gut and my heart tell me that community ed. is the right place for me. So I've got my friend John to help me through. We will begin each week with what we want to accomplish. I think a little push from John will provide a ton of momentum.

When I played basketball in college my coach, Will Rey, helped us define what can be accomplished when a team plays like one, and plays for each other. Not everyone got that message, and we ultimately had a long losing season. But those lessons from coach Rey stayed with me.

Motivation is necessary, passion is necessary, working together for a purpose greater than yourself is necessary beyond words. Those elements need to be in place to achieve greatness.

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