Monday, January 23, 2012

Top 10 list of weird things I've done for love

I've done some weird things in my life.  Embarrassing things.  Things that in any normal situation I would avoid like the plague.  Things that I hate to admit I've done for love.  I created this list, not to promote my weirdness, but for all of you to embrace your inner weirdness so that you too can feel free to be weird and be loved.

Hopefully you won't judge me.

In looking back at the last 9 years, here are the top weird things that I never thought would happen because of love.
  1. Gone shopping for feminine products.  (It's hard to even write this one)
  2. Choreographed and performed a dance to Michael Jackson's, "Smooth Criminal"
  3. I've written poems.
  4. I've carried a woman's purse. (Hence the picture)
  5. Driven all day so that I can be with loved ones for just a few hours.
  6. Held hands in public (this is still very hard for me)
  7. Went along for dress and shoe shopping.
  8. Went to a couple's spa party.  Can you say uncomfortable?
  9. Became the designated "puke cleaner" for the family.  Nothing says I love you more than cleaning up your loved one's vomit.
  10. Said yes to having a dog (twice).  Which means picking up dog crap and lack of freedom to get out of dodge in a moment's notice.
Embarassing list?  For me, yes.  Worth it?  Absolutely.  As a father of a little girl, I see myself taking part in future activities that will get me outside of my comfort zone.  Be it playing with dolls, or actually dancing with her at weddings receptions.  To me, I hope my wife and my daughter will look back on those embarrassing days and say, "Jeesh, he must have really loved me to do THAT".


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