Thursday, November 10, 2011

A letter from Africa

A decade ago I sponsored a young lad in Africa.  About three times a year I hear from this now young adult in the form of a written letter.  Want to feel good?  I suggest sponsoring a child.  For the small amount I donate I receive in exchange letters gushing with gratitude.

For fun I thought I'd  share with you a portion of his letter.  (His name has been changed for protection reasons)

....  Much regards to Jacob, I am happy to hear that Jacob will be going to school soon and for your daughter I wish her all the best  as she is still going to school.  Tell your wife that our family is praying for her.

Pass my family greetings to Jacob, Winona, and Autumn.  We all love you very much and are always in our daily prayers.

Then he sent a poem he had written

When I woke up in the morning lying on my bed, I was asking my self what is the secret to success in life?  I found the answers in my room.

The fan said be cool.
The roof said aim high
The window said see the world
The clock said every moment in very special.
The mirror said reflect before you act.
The calendar said be up-to-date.
The door said push hard for your goals.

And not to forget the carpet said kneel down and pray.
Carry a smile that never hates.
Carry a smile that never fades.
Carry a smile that never hurts.
Have a purposeful day in the Lord.
God bless us to be a blessing into others.

Thank you all for being a blessing to my life.

Your Friend,

One small gift a month, and in return I get letters like these.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.


  1. How beautiful. What a wonderful difference you are making in the world!

  2. Thanks Tess!

    Just subscribed to your blog, love it! Thanks!