Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to score points with your wife.

Full exclaimer here:  I am not a marriage expert, I've only been married 9 years and my wife gets frustrated with me on probably a weekly if not daily basis.  For real marriage advice talk to the couple that have been happily married for at least 25 years.

But I've learned at least one thing - how to score points.  Points that pay dividends in your wife's memory bank.  Married men, we know all too well how our wives have memories like steel traps.  We need points because we screw up.  More importantly thoughtful action shows our wives that we are thinking of her - which will in turn add some spice in more ways than one baby!

So let's cut to the chase.
  1. Finish your wife's project.  Your wife loves to garden.  She spends all winter long planning, buying seeds and all spring planting the perfect garden.  However in June the momentum has come to a screeching halt and nobody is there to water or weed the garden.  This is where you step up and score the points.
  2. Plan a date night.  Pick a date together, but you plan it. 
  3. Clean something up that you don't normally clean.  For instance, I never do laundry.  But one time I washed, dried, folded AND put the clothes away WITHOUT prompting.  Let's just say I was rewarded handsomely!  Points O Rama!
  4. Say thank you.  Marriages tend to go on cruise control.  Think of all the things your wife does to make your family life better.  A sincere thank you will fill a heart in need of acknowledgement. 
  5. Plan a daddy date with the kids - and give your wife a break.
  6. You proclaimed a month ago that you need a vacation and mentioned taking the whole family to Duluth.  Your wife used to get get excited when you  mention the "V" word but now isn't excited because you say things like this all the time and never pull the trigger.  Today - do what you say, and score some points.

I'm sure there are more ways to score points - hopefully some of you will leave some tips in the comments section.  I need all the help I can get!

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