Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Tom Izzo guide for success

Tom Izzo has success figured out. The Michigan State basketball coach from my perspective utilizes what we all possess, but are afraid to tap into. What separates him from others is one thing. Action. Action to act on his beliefs, passions, and abilities.

The Tom Izzo's guide for success (as I have observed)

-Work Ethic. NCAA basketball games last 40 minutes. His teams play hard for all 40 minutes. (How many of us can say we do the same at our job?)

-W.I.N.(What's Important Now) He aligns his priorities with his values, and makes decisions accordingly. He asks himself, is it more important to prepare for the next game, or to celebrate the latest success?

-Focus. Tom's quote say's it all "At this time of year, of course, you don't get a chance to sit down and think about it," Izzo said. "That's not what this time of year is for. I'm not even sure the offseason is for that. I think that's the retirement season. I'm not near that."

-Action: As John Woodens says, "Winners make the most mistakes". You learn from your mistakes. You don't learn unless you take action and do the work. The individual who is mistake free is also sitting around doing nothing.

-Passion: Izzo loves basketball and loves to teach it. The love creates enthusiasm, which is contagious.

Question: What would happen if you or I used the guide above for just 1 hour a day?

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